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Section 1. All votes, except for endorsement votes as described in Section 7 and Section 8 below, shall be by a simple majority (more than 50%) of the votes cast given the presence of a quorum as defined in Article II, Section 2.

Section 2  No Change

Section 3  No Change

Section 4  No Change

Section 5.  (originally Section 8) No Change

Section 6.  (originally  Section 10)  No Change

Section 7.  Candidate Endorsement   (originally Sections 5, 6, 7, 9) 

a.   For a Candidate to be endorsed, she or he must receive 60% or more  of the votes cast in that race.

b. In endorsement contests where multiple seats are to be filled (e.g., city councils), members may vote fo…

A yes vote will support California's ban on single-use plastic bags.

§ Ratify SB 270 - the 2014 bill that prohibits large grocery stores and pharmacies from providing plastic single-use carryout bags, and bans small grocery stores, convenience and liquor stores from doing so in  the following year.

§ Allow single-use plastic bags for meat, bread, produce, bulk food and perishable items;  mandates  stores to  charge $0.10 for recycled, compostable, and reusable bags.

§ Provide $2 million to state plastic bag manufacturers for the purpose of helping them retain jobs and transition to making thicker, multi-use, recycled plastic bags.

 English Language Education- The bill would provide that school districts and county offices of education shall, at a minim…

Gail Jack introduces John Laird (Master of Ceremonies) in a droll and facetious send-up.

John holds his own in the stand-up comedian contest.
The Contestants in nervous anticipation of possible self-inflicted humiliation.

The Game begins.....
the Suffragettes show their stuff at Left Field fundraiser!

...this will be sent to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, the Santa Cruz City Council and Capitola City Council. 

Re:  Sleeping Bans, and the U. S. Dept. of Justice 8/6/2015 Statement of Interest In Bell v. City of Boise  See:  http://www.justice.gov/opa/file/643766/download

Dear Members of the Council:

            The People's Democratic Club of Santa Cruz County supports the above Statement of Interest, which addresses the issue of criminalizing homelessness and sleeping out of doors without providing a legal place to sleep.  We urge you to take the Statement of Interest into consideration when you are contemplating or reexamining a sleeping ban for Santa Cruz City.


By Gillian Greensite, Special to the Sentinel
Posted: |

On Tuesday Sept. 29, the Santa Cruz City Council will tackle the controversial, recent use of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as vacation rentals. This discussion has generated much heat at public hearings. Homeowners who have ADUs and who wish to use them as vacation rentals have spoken forcefully about their private property rights to use their ADUs to maximize their earning potential. They claim the city has no business interfering with that right, despite the fact that prior to the ADU ordinance they had no right to build a second unit. …

Meeting started at 6:35 pm.  16 members present.

1)  Public Safety Forum, Tuesday, Oct 20.  Denise Elerick presented information about the upcoming "public safety" forum, the basic premise being that we are unsafe because of the passage of B47.  Denise asked for people to come to the event and show their presence for the other side. It was decided to develop a flyer and peacefully distribute them prior to the meeting. Paul J. volunteered to spearhead writing something up for the flyer.  Several volunteers will go to the venue with Paul & Denise. 

2)  Nancy Abbey presented the final proposal for bylaws changes related to PDC endorsements of candidates and ballot measure: 

A 60% or more endorse vote will be now be needed, and …

Attending:  Brian, Nora, Nancy, Paul E., Gail

By-laws change which was approved at the last PDC membership meeting was discussed.  Agreement that this was finally accomplished and that voting procedures have been simplified. Nancy will incorporate changes and reprint full By-Laws for each of the members of the Exec. Comm.

 Up-coming "Safety" Forum discussed and review of plans to meet at 6:30 in the parking lot of Holy Cross Church on Thursday, October 22.  Gail will contact Denise E. and Paul J. to make sure they are drafting a flyer to hand out.

 We reviewed the content of the letter that Brian is writing to be sent to the City Councils and Board of Supes re shelter for the homeless.  He will incorporate the proposal and amendments passe…

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