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 January 17, 2015

Contact: Karen Chan, 510- 326-2461, Debra Grabelle, 510-735-7247 or Charles Idelson, 510-273-2246  

In Largest U.S. Contract, 18,000 RNs Win Stronger Patient Care Voice, New Workplace Protections

With a settlement that is likely to elevate RN standards across the nation, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United today announced a major tentative contract agreement for 18,000 California RNs who work at Kaiser Permanente hospitals and clinics that will give the RNs a stronger voice on patient care, and breakthrough improvements in workplace protections.

The agreement also provides significant economic gains, and additional retirement security.

While the pact must still be ratified by the RNs, who will hold membership mee…

Twenty people attended.  Tom Batley facilitated the meeting.

Agenda Items:

          Treasurer's report - Gail Jack reported that we have about $250  in the treasury at this time.  We've paid the Galleria meeting room rent through March and have paid $230 ($110 will be returned to us) to Louden Nelson for Room 3 for the January 31 forum.  We expect to recoup the entire amount with door receipts.

??     It was suggested that a painless way* to pay dues and support the club, is to sign up at the website www.pdclub.org to pay a small amount monthly.  Even $5 a month would bring in the funds to pay the rent and miscellaneous expenses during this off-election year.

*Painless both individually a…

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