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Weigh in on what to do about endorsement.  Go to "Discuss" on the menu bar and put in your two cents.                                                         

Great turn-out for the Sheriff Candidates Forum on Monday night  - the room was jammed including a large contingent of enthusiastic Republican Roger Widley supporters from the Freedom Forum and Take Back Santa Cruz .  If this forum was any indication, this will be no shoo-in for Bob Hart despite his early lead out-of-the-gates.

Sixteen PDCers attended, and 13 of t…

Great News!  In the midst of Trumpian dystopia, Covidian anxiety and the run up to the end of the year, with Hannukha, Christmas, etc. during shelter in place...wow...we have brand new Senator John Laird (and PDC member) addressing us during our meeting tomorrow.  Sorry about the short notice.  Let's see lots of our PDC community faces tomorrow, honor John, and support each other.  Brian Murtha, President.

Brian Murtha is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: PDC December Meeting

Time: Dec 10, 2020 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 838 2263 4040

Passcode: F7WLEe


July 13, 2020

Attending: Brian, Sandra, Franco, Gail, Nancy, Ed, Judy

Discussion around Santa Cruz City Council candidates and election:

Progressive Alliance has endorsed 3 candidates and has 2 videos already forwarded to Brian of 2 of the candidates; Ed will provide a 3rd video of the 3rd candidate. 

Executive Board voted to post these videos on the PDC website.  (Names of candidates purposely omitted.)

Discussed having a forum for candidates at our next membership meeting on August 13. This will be a Zoom meeting for PDC members only to see candidates and make a decision on whether to endorse.  We will also call for an endorsement of John Leopold for the 1st district Supervisor, and for Sandra Nichols as Trustee for the Co…

Attending: Brian, Sandra, Franco, Gail, Nancy, Anne

Discussion around whether we should actively encourage members to attend Executive Committee meetings.  Consensus was that this would be appropriate, with the stipulation that members cannot participate in discussions, only observe.  If a member wishes to address an Exec meeting, she/he must contact Brian at least a week prior to the meeting for permission to be added to the agenda.  Sandra volunteered to prepare a draft letter to members.

Discussion of next membership meeting.  Main topic will be California State ballot measures that have already qualified for the November 3rd election.  A speaker will be asked to join our meeting, possibly Mark Stone or John Laird.  Several measures are of in…

     Allison Endert died on Monday, 6/15/2020, when she was hit while walking by an intoxicated driver.  Allison was a member of the PDC for many years, coming to activism in Santa Cruz from her years at the UCSC.  She was an active supporter of the local Democratic Party, serving some years on the Democratic Central Committee, working on campaigns for progressive Democrats, and served this community on the staffs of both Coonerty Supervisors.  
     Allison had the unique quality of being joyful in everything she did, including being a wife and mother, as well as her public life.  
     We shall miss her.


June 11, 2020

Attending: Brian, Sandra, Franco, Gail, Nancy, Randa, Anne, Jan, Judy, Pauline, Marcia, Brian, Lee, Ed, Brett, Andy (apologies if I missed anyone)

  Discussion re John Leopold's 2020 election campaign for District 1 County Supervisor.  Members approved PDC endorsement and writing a letter of support to the Sentinel (Brian will write) by a majority.

Unfinished business:  Gail will contact Leopold's campaign manager to find out what PDC members can do to help his campaign.

  Presentation by Pauline Seales, the Santa Cruz Action Network, on their Zero Carbon 2030 campaign for the City and County of Santa Cruz.  Guidelines on what actions they can take now.  Pauline shared slides of the information on their webs…

PDC Annual Retreat - Minutes

Brian called the meeting to order

Stacey Falls spoke about the Land Trust being formed for Santa Cruz County

I think they're calling themselves "Coast Commons Land Trust of S.C. County"

Franco informed members of Wednesday's (9/25) DCC meeting to vote on resolution supporting the downtown garage.  Our opposition to this project should be voiced.  Show up at 7 pm.  No library/garage project can be supported if it does not include affordable (low and very low income) housing.

Meeting then focused on the political activity over the next 13 months that we may need to actively support:

2020 Presidential campaign: PDC will not take a position and decide how we can assist until a Democratic presidential candidate is chosen.

House and Se…

Meeting convened at 6:32 pm.  Attendees:  Mathilda Rand, Nora Hochman, Brian Heath, Cappy Israel, Paul Elerick, Pauline Seales, Sandra Nichols, Gail Jack, Brian Murtha, Glen Schaller, Joy Hinz, Judy Geer, Brett Garrett, Anne Mitchell, Sandy Brown, Chris Krohn, Franco Picarella, David Barnes, Thomas Schmitz, Ron Pomerantz,…

People's Democratic Club Meeting 

Date:  Thursday, October 11, 6:30 PM, at Dem Headquarters

Guest speaker:  seeking endorsement of  Measure G

Vote: Donations to the campaigns of 

                           Drew Glover and Justin Cummings ($350 each is proposed)

DISCUSSION:  State and local ballot issues/measure/propositions  




                               PDC Annual Retreat 

Location:  SEIU Hall at 517 Mission St, Santa Cruz

     Additional Parking at:  501 Mission St

Date:  Sunday, August 5

Time:  Noon to 4:00 

Bring a bag lunch (optional) and please bring a contribution to the potluck snack mid-afternoon.

                 ********Selecting a new monthly meeting day will be the first order of business*********

Speakers include PDC members  presenting on Affordable Housing;  Rent Control;  State Bank;  Issues of Poverty; and Climate Justice.

Help pick or re-affirm our priorities for the upcoming year.

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