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PDC E-Board Zoom Meeting 

April 12, 2021

Attending:  Brian Murtha, Gail Jack, Franco Picarello, Judy Geer, Ed Porter, Sandra Nichols, Nancy Krusoe

Review of the April 8 membership meeting.  A lot was learned from Lenny Siegel, former Mountain View City Council member re houseless population.  

The topic is again on Santa Cruz City Council agenda for April 13.  We anticipate the fearsome 5 will vote in new restrictions on camps and where the homeless population is allowed to camp.  These issues have been with us for decades and yet we have not found a way to help house this community, provide them with safe and permanent solutions.  Other cities seem to be doing a much better job, but with the current makeup on the council, there is not much hope.  We discussed the strong lack of transparency with this group; decisions being offered by staff and accepted without much discussion or thought.

As follow up to members' meeting, we discussed areas for action:

Work on disseminating information about the Newsom recall, helping people learn about the forces behind this action.  Disenchanted Republicans in the most conservative parts of our state are using minor actions they don't like just to get a Democrat out of office and a Republican in.  A message will be drafted to send to members about the Recall and about a resolution to support a no vote on the Recall which will be voted on at our May meeting.

Again, discussed how we can recruit younger members.  Some thoughts: younger County residents not hooked into local political issues and are not necessarily registered with a political party, but rather as Independents.  Our Club requires Democratic registration to be a PDC member.  The organizations that seem to attract those under 50, are climate- change related, and organizations similar to the DSA which has a nationwide structure.  Should our Club break with the Democratic Party?  ("The People's Anchorless Party"?)

Next month's speaker possibilities:

For May: John Laird- re Newsom recall and reconciliation of City's and State's affordable housing laws and density bonus provisions.  Brian will contact John.  If John is unavailable, Mark Stone is 2nd choice.

For June:  Robert Rivas, new State Assembly member and the story of essential farm workers and their particular struggles during the pandemic.

Brian punctually ended our meeting at 7:30 pm.

Sandra Nichols2021-04-16T02:13:35Z
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