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March 11, 2021

Attending: Brian, Franco, Gail, Nancy, Judy,  Lee, Marcia and Brian, Ed, Paul, Lizann, Joy, Brent, Jane, Pete, Brett (apologies if I missed anyone)

Meeting re Homeless policies in City and County of Santa Cruz

County is currently working on revised initiatives to help the homeless population.  One of these is the possible purchase of an hotel to provide semi-permanent housing.

Lee mentioned that he has been reading about very positive homeless policies in Mountain View.  Jane will be contacting, Lenny Siegel, former Mayor of MV, to speak at our next PDC meeting.

Brent Adams was introduced, founder of

The Warming Center (overnight shelter) and Footbridge Services (a storage program for the homeless).

He spoke about the work he's been doing and the people he has spoken to among City staff.  He's an advocate of Transitional Encampments, which is a success-proven, low-cost solution to housing the homeless until they can move to permanent housing.  It is a model where participants meet weekly on camp management and actually interface with the neighborhood where they are located doing volunteer clean-up. This model is empowering to the individuals in the camp.

Brent is contemplating a pilot project with 40 tiny houses plus a circus tent.

What can PDC do to help him?   Writing letters to support Brent's work, including the Warming Center.  Nancy will put together some information for a letter and will present it to the PDC Executive committee on Monday night, March 15.

Lee Brokaw brought up the subject of non-violent response to medical and mental emergencies, in the CAHOOTS model.  (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets.)  Brian and Marcia Heath brought up the fact that the US has not yet signed on to the international nuclear non-proliferation accord.  They also announced that it is near Brian's 90th birthday, and that contributions to the Warming Center could be made in his honor, (instead of lavish presentsl.)  Franco Picarella brought up the concept of the PDC being covered by some type of liability insurance.  Brian Murtha requested that Franco bring it up with the DCC to see what coverage we have.

Next PDC Zoom membership meeting:  April 8, 2021 at 6:30 pm 

Sandra Nichols2021-03-14T16:58:14Z
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