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February 11, 2021

Attending: Brian, Franco, Gail, Nancy, Anne, Judy, Pauline, James, Randa, Lee, Nora, Marcia, Brian, Ron, Andrew, Sandra (apologies if I missed anyone)

Meeting is focused on talking about important issues Club members want to focus on during 2021.  There was no lack of ideas presented and a robust conversation followed all suggestions.

Members discussed the following:

Housing and homeless issues

Environmental concerns, e.g. new City of S.C. Climate Action Plan is now being worked on, reducing car trips and conversion to more electric cars in use, plastics recycling. Pauline provided a web address for more information on plastics:


Saving the Post Office

Advocating for Medicare For All, and/or CalCare, the state's own MFA.

Working to find new Santa Cruz City Council and Board of Supervisors candidates for 2022 election and supporting their campaigns.

Promoting building of tiny houses.

Restructuring S.C. City government, removing City Manager position and having an elected mayor, district elections, Grand Jury report section related to City Council disfunction under present form of governing.

After evaluating all of the above, the group decided that on environmental issues we could help on all the local aspects by supporting Sandy Brown on the City Council and bringing our concerns to Council members as individuals as well as supporting local environmental organizations.  This is also true for planning to help find a sustainable solution to homeless concerns.  The Board of Supervisors will be addressing homelessness at its March 9 meeting.

Finding ways to create more truly affordable housing in our cities and County is also  something that has multiple groups of residents and local officials involved. Again, we can support Sandy Brown in her efforts on the Council and work individually with groups already established in our community.  Gail mentioned the formation of a new housing group which she is participating with, Housing Santa Cruz County (HSCC), that is having an online kickoff on Feb. 25th.  An email will be distributed soon to all PDC members with information on this event.

On the post office and Medicare for All, it was felt that these are mainly national concerns and could also be addressed through individual member participation with organizations.  Judy Geer stated she is mainly interested in these two issues and would welcome others joining her.

Sandra Nichols2021-02-13T18:07:13Z
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