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OCTOBER 10, 2019

Submitted by Gail Jack

ATTENDING:  Glen Schaller, Faisal Fazilat, Brian and Marcia Heath, Randa Solik, Joy Hinz, Adam Scow, Ingrid Mednis, Brett Garrett,  Nicholas Whitehead, Barb Patchin, Emily Patchin, Franco Picarella, Sandra and Peter Nichols, Micol Black, Laura Noo, Nora Hochman, Sarah Ringler, Jean Piraino, Brian Murtha, Nancy Krusoe, Judy Geer, Gail Jack, Pete Shanks


Report from Fundraising Wine Auction on October 5th:  net of approximately $2,000.

California Progressive Alliance- we have been invited to become an "ally."  Randa will investigate and return with a recommendation at our next meeting.

Motion proposed and carried to buy a table at the RCNV dinner for 8 people for $400.   Individuals wanting to attend will pay what they can up to $50 each; rest will be covered by the PDC.

Will discuss the PDC retreat held in September at our next general meeting.

S.C. City Council recall:  verification of signatures will be done by October 22.  However, since verification is only done on a certain % of the signatures collected, less than 100%, if count is close the NO on recall contingent will ask to see the entire list.

Speaker:  Anrea Angel running for Santa Cruz County Superior Court.  She has worked as as criminal defense attorney for approximately 28 years.  Her highest priority is "treating people with respect."

Speaker:  Adam Scow running for 20th Congressional district seat against Jimmy Panetta in March primary.  His grandfather was a farm worker and came to the U.S. in the Bracero program.  Went to UC Berkeley.  1st organizer for Food & Water Watch and was active when Felton wanted to de-privatize their water delivery from American Water to the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.  Campaign was successful.  In 2012, worked to stopped desalinization in the city, also successful.  What drives him:

Environmental crisis


Health Care

Student debt

Farm community

How we can help him:  Meet and greet in homes, distribute flyers, organize a debate/townhall with Panetta.  Nora will be working with Adam in developing these plans and will let us know what we can do.

Sandra Nichols2019-10-15T16:36:27Z
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