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Meeting convened at 6:32 pm.  Attendees:  Mathilda Rand, Nora Hochman, Brian Heath, Cappy Israel, Paul Elerick, Pauline Seales, Sandra Nichols, Gail Jack, Brian Murtha, Glen Schaller, Joy Hinz, Judy Geer, Brett Garrett, Anne Mitchell, Sandy Brown, Chris Krohn, Franco Picarella, David Barnes, Thomas Schmitz, Ron Pomerantz, Pete Shanks, Jan Reid

Guest speaker:  Diana Alfaro, Project Manager, Mid-Peninsula Housing.  Gave us a comprehensive view of the process their organization uses from project origination to completion.  Mid-Pen builds affordable low-income rental housing in the Bay Area.

Find land.

2.   Looks for locations that are close to amenities.

3.   Looks at site characteristics, e.g. size, flat?

4.   Is there something already on the site; reviews title report; what is the neighborhood.

5.   Are they building for a specific group, such as seniors, families, the disabled?

6.   Where will they get funding?

7.   What will the construction costs be?

8.   What are service requirements for project?
9.  Is the project financially feasible?

Once it's decided that project is a go, Mid-Pen will submit required environmental rpts, will hold community outreach meetings, will talk with politicians to gain their support as the project will need approvals from the Planning Commissions, City Councils, and Board of Supervisors.

Finding the dollars to build the project is key.  Some State funding available for the chronically homeless (Prop 2), but most of funding from the Low-Income Housing Trust (funding by the IRS). There is a parallel State funding source as well (Prop 1).


Once project is well on its way, a marketing plan is developed and an "Interest List" started for perspective residents.  A Lottery will choose from that list - usually 5 applications per unit available.  Each application is screened to eliminate those who don't qualify for low-income housing.

VOTING:  PDC members voted unanimously to endorse/support John Laird as a candidate for the State Senate, and to endorse their opposition to the recall of Santa Cruz Council candidates Drew Glover and Chris Krohn.

Meeting adjorned 7:59 p.m.

Sandra Nichols2019-08-11T15:21:29Z
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