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Goal:  To have maximum impact on the initiatives reaching the 2016 ballot.

Description of Project:  a PDC committee would be formed to start tracking initiatives that have been approved for signature collection, collecting signatures for those supported by the PDC membership, and educating re those we oppose.

Rationale/Impact:  we need to start now to promote and collect signatures for ballot measures we approve of, and actively oppose objectionable proposed initiatives to keep them off the 2016 ballot. If we don't start now, we can't influence what's actually on the ballot.

Work entailed: 

1.      Form committee of 3-5 people (including reps from other Dem clubs and like-minded organizations) that meets regularly in person or by email to track the initiatives and decide on those to bring to the exec. committee for approval.

2.      Report recommendations to PDC exec. committee and general membership for approval of position taken on proposed ballot measures.

3.      Develop fact sheets/charts that identify promoters of the proposed ballot measures - where the money is coming from for each which will be best way to oppose many of them. (These need to be easily up-dated and reproducible.)

4.      Propose a schedule of tabling to the DCC that would include Dem clubs and other collaborating organizations - concentrating on events with monthly tabling at farmers markets and Pacific Avenue.

5.      Tablers would also do voter registration.

6.      Make contact with Dem clubs in other areas and share resources; encourage their action and their collaboration with like-minded organizations in their area, i.e.; WILPF, 350.org, unions, etc.

7.      Beat the bushes for tablers. 

Feasibility:  Estimate 10 PDC members committed to two hours/month at a minimum.  By joining with other Dem clubs and like-minded organizations, we'll be better able to find the people needed. 

Budget: (max of $100) possibly some copying costs - most copies could be done on home computers.

Chair:  Nancy Abbey;  committee members Judy Geer, Glen Schaller, Brian Murtha?, Mattie Conway? (No. County Dem and College Dem  members, 350.org rep, WILPF rep-?)

Benefit to PDC:  visibility of PDC at public functions - possibly new members.

Nancy Abbey2015-08-17T20:05:40Z
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