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        Twenty two in attendance (18 members in good standing)
Next Meeting: 7:00pm  Thursday February 20, Democratic Headquarters, 740 Front Street, Santa Cruz

Treasurer's Report: $750 in our account including donations to sponsor fundraiser.


Bylaw revisions: the bylaws as edited and revised by Mathilde Rand and Sandra Nichols and reviewed by the Executive Committee were approved by the members present. 

Campaign Technology: Paul Johnston demonstrated the "walk list generator"  - new technology PDC will use that can pinpoint registered voters in any given area and generate a list that will identify party affiliation with the capacity to provide other characteristics such as gender, age, last voting, etc.

We will use the walk list generator and our predictive dialing technology for candidates or issues we endorse in this year's elections and make it available to other progressive groups.

Political Action:   We acknowledged that we won't be involved in major campaigning for any north county candidates in June's primary and agreed to follow PVCCDC's lead in 4th District Supervisor's race.

We discussed the following possible political actions for the spring.

Initiatives:  Several initiatives are being proposed that we may want to either oppose or collect signatures for this spring.

a.      Minimum wage: initiative by conservative Republican Ron Unz proposes a generous wage increase but is not indexed to inflation.  -Glen Schaller will follow and report.

b.      Oil extraction tax:  will try first for legislative action before signature gathering - Nancy Abbey will follow and report

c.       Stopping deportations: ballot measure unlikely, but possible -Paul Johnston will follow and report

d.      Pension cuts for public employees:  - Casey Carlson will follow and report

e.      Teachers:  "decisions about which teachers to lay off are to be based on objective standards of teacher performance rather than on seniority. According to the language of the proposed law, teacher performance would be assessed partly by student test scores"  - Casey Carlson will follow and report

f.        Tobacco tax: Pete Shanks will follow and report

2.      Legislative Issues:  It was proposed and decided to have members assigned as liaison to our state legislators.   The expectation is that we will have better communication about our issues and be better able to support their legislatioe priorities.  We appointed the following liaisons.

a.      Sen. Bill Monning - Kathy Goldenkranz

b.      Assemblyman Luis Alejo - Brian Murtha

c.       Assemblyman Mark Stone - Cynthia Chase

3.      Other issues:

a.      Gun laws:  Sandra Nichols reported on the gun laws that have been accepted and rejected at the state level.  (See report at www.pdclub.org)  Sandra will continue to follow the issue and make recommendations about legislation to support.

b.      Move To Amend:  Chris Finney asked for volunteers to help collect signatures to place a county-wide "advisory resolution" on the ballot in the 2014 election.  If passed this would be advisory to the state legislature. To volunteer: mail@chrisfinnie.com   For more information about Move to Amend: www.movetoamend.org.

4.  Desal Committee Report:  the committee urges people to attend the Santa Cruz Water Commission meeting the first Monday of every month.  At the next meeting,  Feb. 3, it is expected that the subject may be the issue of paying more money for the EIR.   7pm, Feb.3 at the City Council Chambers, Santa Cruz.

Applications for seats on the Water Supply Advisory Commission are now closed.  Micah Posner, Lynn Robinson and Don Lane will decide on the names by end of February.

Desal Alternatives is sponsoring a series of workshops related to water issues.  For information about the series, visit www.desalalternatives.org.

Fundraiser Feb. 6:   The fundraising committee reported that we have $750 in sponsorships committed and the possibility of another $250.  Publicity has gone out to other Democratic Clubs, SCPEL, and other special email lists. With a little luck it will be in the Sentinel Coastlines.  Gail Jack is taking rsvp's - contact her at gailsharon4.5@gmail.com to let us know you're coming.  We still need volunteers to bring a dessert.  To volunteer dessert or to help at the event: Elerick@cruzio.com.


Event Schedule:

6:00 - Eat and Schmooze

6:30 -  John Laird

6:45 - Special Guests

·        John Leopold

·        Micah Posner

·        Karina Cervantes

7:00 -  PDC 2013 Progressive Awards: 

·        Progressive Activists:  Rick Longinotti and Rachel Goodman

·        Action of the Year:  Stationary Engineers Union

7:30 - Dessert and Schmoozing;  Demonstration of New Technology

We'll have some new campaign technology set up for people to explore - we're calling it a walklist generator.  It will allow people to pinpoint an area of the County and identify the registered voters and their party within that area.  We will also be able to program it so other variables like age, gender, when voted last, etc.

This will combine with our predictive dialing technology to give us the capacity to do neighborhood organizing and develop effective campaigns for progressive issues or candidates.

9:00 - End of Evening/Clean-up

Nancy Abbey2017-04-06T20:02:44Z
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